Body Building – How Not to Monitor Your Progress

When you’re working out hard at the gym how do you measure your progress? How do you set a benchmark should you be using?

In body building It is very difficult to gain objective feedback when it comes to measuring the success of your growth.

Unlike most sports where you can keep score just by looking up at the board or a finish line at the need of a 100 meter track to tell that you won once you are first to cross it. You can’t even judge your success by the weights that you are lifting.

Lifting weights is part of the training program, but as a body builder your goal is not to see how many kilos you can stack on the bar. What you are really doing is trying to stimulate the muscle growth, and how well you do this will ultimately be your level of success.

The most common way for a body builder to gaugeĀ Where Can I Get SARMs Online their progress is by looking in the mirror. The biggest problem with doing this is that you not only get to see your physical state. But you will also see your emotions that you are holding onto at the time. If you don’t like what you see you may panic and start to track your progress in terms of strength rather than size. By doing this you will be adjusting your work outs in some cases dramatically to fit these emotions. With the end result being that all your efforts for gains will go down the drain.

When it comes to being objective emotion will hinder you as opposed to help you. You must learn to separate yourself from your emotions in order to achieve the best results from your work outs. Don’t get me wrong. Emotion is a powerful motivator in terms of picking you up and getting you to the gym. But just don’t let it play a large role when it comes to evaluating your progress or else you will find yourself becoming unmotivated very quickly.

Th best way of analyzing your progress would be to grab your digi-cam and take pictures of yourself. By doing it this way you can distance yourself from emotion and look at yourself more objectively than you could if you were looking in the mirror at the gym.

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